Here's Why You Shouldn't Throw Away Your Empty Gift Cards

You know when you're using a gift card and once it's empty the cashier will usually ask you if you want to keep the gift card or want them to throw it away for you?

Let's be real here, we're 99.9% sure that you tell them to just throw it away.

Well you may want to think again next time.

Apartment Therapy pointed out a number of reasons of why you should probably hang on to them even though the balance is $0.

The first reason is for when you sign up for free trials.

If we're gonna be honest here, we've all signed up for a free trial that has asked for a credit card number to charge once the free trial is up.

We've also all rushed to the computer to cancel the trial so we don't get charged.

Well this is where that $0 balance gift card comes in to save the day!

Those websites recognize Visa gift card numbers as a credit card number and the charge can't go through on an empty gift card so no need to panic anymore!

The next reason is because you might actually need the card again.

All stores have different return policies and some require that you present the card you paid with aka your empty gift card.

Also, if you happened to buy something that comes with a rebate offer, there's a pretty good chance the money will go on that gift card so always double check.

We're definitely going to use that free trial tip!

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