Starbucks Brought Back The Black And White Mocha Collection

Let's be real when it's the holidays, calories don't count (at least that's what we tell ourselves because it's true).

Well Starbucks just gave us another convincing reason of why holiday calories don't count because they just brought back their Black and White Mocha Collection.

If you've never had a Black and White Mocha, you need to RUN to your nearest Starbucks because it's that good!

It's dark mocha and white chocolaty goodness, what could go wrong with that?!

You can order three different drinks from this collection.

There's the classic Black and White Mocha, which is espresso poured over white chocolate and dark mocha, then of course there's steamed milk and it's complete with whipped cream and chocolate “sequins.”

If you don't want the caffeine then maybe a nice hot chocolate is more your speed.

The Black and White Hot Cocoa is made by melting dark and white chocolate mocha sauce with steamed milk.

It's of course topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Lastly if you're feeling a cold drink, there's the Black and White Frappuccino!

This frappuccino blends the white chocolate and dark mocha sauces with roast coffee, milk, and ice.

Once you get that perfectly blended drink, it's then topped with whipped cream and those chocolate shavings. 

Don't worry, it also comes with whipped cream and chocolate on top. Try them out while you can!

It's only in stores until the New Year or while supplies last so try it while you can!

Which drink are you going to try?

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