People Think Grover Dropped The F-Bomb On “Sesame Street”

Did Grover drop an F-bomb on “Sesame Street?” That’s what some people are saying they heard during a recent episode… and now the internet is in a huge debate over the possible x-rated kids show moment.

You may recall the whole “Yanny vs. Laurel” debate that had the internet in meltdown mode. This is pretty much the same thing, where people can’t decide is Grover was saying “that sounds like an excellent idea” or “that’s a f**king excellent idea.”

While it’s unlikely that a children’s show would have one of their beloved monsters cursing on always, the more you listen to the clip the more you may hear what people are saying they’re hearing. Check it out for yourself to the right..and depending on your perspective, it's DO preview before you decide to air it.

Source: TMZ

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