Couples Who Say "We" Are Actually Happier

We all know those couples who seem so in-sync with each other that they finish each other’s sentences and refer to themselves as “we.” You may even be part of one of those couples, and according to new research, that’s a good thing. A recent study from the University of California finds that couples who say “we” are actually happier.

Researchers analyzed data from 30 different studies involving around 5,300 people and found a distinct link between “we” talk and a happy, healthy relationship. Researchers looked at relationship outcomes, relationship behaviors, mental and physical health and found that couples who refer to themselves as we tend to actually be happier.

So while we may roll our eyes when our friend uses “we” to tell us how much she and her partner loved a movie they saw on Netflix, it’s a sign she feels like they’re a team. The study finds that couples who use “we” a lot are probably more focused on their partnership and less selfish. It means they’re close and think of themselves as a team and science says it’s a sign of a happy relationship. So if you’re part of a “we” partnership, who cares if others find it annoying. Your partner has your back and you know it and there’s no shame in that.

Source: Elite Daily

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