Calico Lobster Turns Up At Maryland Fish Market

A rare calico lobster is getting another shot at life after turning up at a Maryland fish market. Nicholas, the owner of Ocean City Seafood market in Silver Spring, Maryland, said he found the pretty crustacean while sifting through his daily seafood delivery from Maine.

What’s “calico?” Among the most rare of lobsters, they have a speckled orange, black and yellow shell and apparently the odds of catching one like it are roughly one in 30-million. Nicholas named the lobster Eve said he plans to donate her to an aquarium – he’s in the process of speaking with several organizations.

"He didn't know why she was special," says Rita Montoya, a spokeswoman for the market. "He just formed a bond with her." But that’s not all! ‘Eve’ has got another interesting aspect to her future – she’s expected to become a star in a children’s book.

Source: CNN

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