Traits of People Who Make Their Bed and Don't Make Their Bed

According to a new survey, people who make their beds every day tend to exercise regularly, eat healthy, and consider themselves to be clean. They are also more outgoing and sleep better than those who don’t make their bed. Another bonus: They have more sex than those who don’t make their beds daily (three times a week on average vs. twice a week).

People who make their bed daily are also more likely to be morning people, wake up without an alarm, work in health or technology fields, like watching House Hunters and rom-coms and like to cook. They tend to be adventurous, confident, sociable and high-maintenance.

Non-bed-makers are more likely to be night owls, snooze their alarm in the morning and like Seinfeld and comedy movies. They are also are more likely work in business and finance and tend to be sarcastic, moody, shy and curious. ( Study Finds )


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