Blind High School Wrestler Wins State Championship

High school wrestler Jay Spencer had a great season, finishing 35-2 with 33 wins by pin. He then went on to win the Alabama State Championship in the 160-pound class, the first wrestler at his school to ever win such a championship.

All of this is even more amazing when you consider that Jay has been legally blind since he was three years old.

When wrestling, Jay cocks his head to the right and looks out of the corner of his left eye, which is the spot where his vision is best. But for the most part, he wrestles based on feel and balance.

Jay’s coach believes that Jay is actually able to use his blindness as an advantage because he can’t get intimidated or distracted by the arena or the crowd. He’s only focused on the flow of the match and what takes place on the mat.

Jay is proud of his accomplishments but also recognizes that he can be an inspiration to others, urging them to not let what anyone thinks change how you think and explaining that as long as you believe you can do something, then you can. (For the Win)

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