The DC Eagle Soap Opera Continues

show? It is better!

Shocking news to those keeping track of two bald eagles in DC, the male bald eagle who has been missing in action since Feb. 9 — has returned to the DC eagle nest after his mate, Liberty, fled with another male, abandoning two doomed eggs. Sounds like the plot of a reality show? It is better!

The Earth Conservation Corps, which operates the live feed of the nest, said Wednesday afternoon that Justice was back.

Typically Liberty has primary responsibility for incubating her eggs and caring for the chicks once they hatch, the ECC said. In past season it has been Justice's job to catch fish and bring them back to the nest for his mate and hatchlings. This year Liberty brought fish back to the nest and incubated the eggs during DC's mild winter until she inexplicably left.

The birds nest 110 feet above the Metropolitan Police Academy in Southeast D.C., and it is monitored 24/7 by the live Earth Conservation Corps Eagle Cam.


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