Dunkin' Shades McDonald's Over Donut Sticks

As we told you before, McDonald’s launched their Donut Sticks last month. And while fans seem to be enjoying the limited-edition breakfast treats, it seems not everyone is feeling the love.

Dunkin’ is trolling Mickey D’s on social media about the Donut Sticks, which happen to look a whole lot like Dunkin’s own, Donut Fries. "What a weird coincidence...@McDonalds came out with Donut Sticks, and we just released the blueprints to our new donut packaging..." the coffee chain tweeted, along with a sketch of copycat Big Mac boxes.

That shade may be well deserved, but a rep for Dunkin’ says it was “just for fun in reaction to competitors imitating our success with Donut fries."Mmhmmmm….



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