Woman Tries To Recreate “Fifty Shades” Sex Scene And Fails

A woman in Spain who wanted to recreate a scene from “Fifty Shades of Grey” ran into some trouble. She was attempting to do things solo and in her car, which left her in a dangerous situation until police came to her rescue.

The woman was alone in her car near a popular nude beach in the Canary Islands and her romp went badly when she couldn’t free herself after binding her arms to the steering wheel and gagging herself with tape. Fortunately, a passerby heard her banging on the car’s horn with her head and called for help. He was alarmed and worried that someone had done this to her, but the police determined her situation was self-inflicted.

“I wanted to recreate a scene from “Fifty Shades of Grey’ but it got out of hand,” the woman told her rescuers, according to local paper “La Opinión de Tenerife.” “I don’t have a partner and I am alone.”Hey, at least she was honest.

Source:New York Post


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