Garth Brooks Gave Terminally Ill Woman An Experience She Will Never Forget


I love Garth Brooks more and more every day and this story proves he is worthy of our love and devotion! According to AZ Family, he gave tickets to a woman and gave her a very personal invite to a future show she could go to when she was feeling more up to it!

"Victoria Frederick has terminal colon cancer that's spreading from her liver to her lungs. She wasn't able to see Brooks' concert last year because she was too sick to go."
“I was just coming off of a chemo round and it was too cold for me to go,” said Frederick in an interview with WSBT. “I really wanted to go but knew better. I ended up staying home.”

And the best part? She got to hang out with Garth backstage.

"He gave me a hug and told me he was praying for me and understood my fight was a tough one, and told me to keep battling against it"

It gives me the chills! I just love this!


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