Young Woman Asked To Cover Up Or Get Off The Plane


21-year-old Emily O'Connor was humiliated when she was asked to cover up her or get kick off the plane. She was with five friends heading to the Canary Islands from Birmingham, in the UK. The flight crew said her clothing was 'inappropriate' and goes against their company policy. Emily borrowed a jacket from her cousin and covered up out of the respect of the flight crew but not before she was humiliated in front of everyone on the flight. Emily shared a picture on social media of her outfit; high-waisted pants and a black crop top. She received both negative and supportive comments. One twitter comment said," “To be honest why did you make all this fuss and not just cover up and get on with the flight, I know these tops you were wearing are indeed a top but look like a bra. I suggest you grow up.” Although Emily was embarrassed, it didn't stop her from standing up for herself AND from wearing the same outfit on her return flight!



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