Six Iron Thrones Hidden Around The World Ahead Of Game Of Thrones Season 8

Can you find the iron throne!?

HBO wants to send you on a "Quest for the Throne" ahead of season 8 of Game of Thrones' release.

There are six iron thrones hidden around the world and fans are encouraged to find them. The first is hidden in what appears to be a forest. HBO has posted a few 360-degree YouTube videos of the throne in that location.

After time runs out for this "quest", or someone claims it, HBO will do this again five more times. It's one piece of the network's #ForTheThrone campaign, which asks fans how far they’ll go for the throne.

You can also "bleed" for the throne, where HBO asks you to donate blood to the Red Cross. Or you can "create" a show prop in your own vision and submit it.

Find all the details HERE.



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