VA Man Guilty Of Throwing A Suitcase With His Daughter Inside Off A Bridge

A Virginia man is facing a prison sentence after being found guilty of hauling his child's body in a suitcase to New Jersey then throwing it off a bridge.

Travis Plummer of Richmond was convicted yesterday of unlawfully concealing his daughter Te'Myah's corpse in a suitcase for four months. He hid Te'Myah's body in a Jersey City garage in November 2017 then tossed it off the Tonnelle Avenue Bridge in March 2018.

Prosecutors say the girl died from violence and cocaine intoxication in the summer of 2017. Her body was found last April.

The crime usually carries a sentence of five-to-ten years in prison but due to a prior criminal record he's expected to receive a lengthier term. He wasn't charged in her death.

Source:News 12 New Jersey

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