Facebook Post Leads To Return Of Wedding Ring Lost 11 Years Ago

Devyn Greer was walking on Huntington Beach in California when she saw something shiny in the sand. The teen found a big diamond ring and wasn’t sure what to do with it. She showed her mom, who posted about it to a local Facebook group to see if anyone lost it. Zuly Schober saw that post and was excited by the slim possibility it could be her wedding ring, which she lost on that beach 11 years earlier.

Zuly figured she wasn’t ever going to see her ring again, but she thought she didn’t have anything to lose, so she reached out to Devyn’s mom on Facebook, sending her a photo of her ring for confirmation. She was thrilled to hear back and find out it was her long lost jewelry. Zuly now has her sparkler back and even met Devyn in person to thank her for returning it.

Source: Inside Edition


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