Community Meetings In Winchester

In an effort to provide opportunities for open dialogue, Vice-Mayor John Hill and Councilor Kim Herbstritt will hold several community informational meetings at various locations. The entire community is invited to attend the meetings to hear the presentations (where applicable), ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and/or discuss community issues/concerns. 

This is Vice-Mayor Hill’s second round of meetings. In 2018, Vice-Mayor Hill held four meetings to discuss the City’s infrastructure and upcoming capital projects. For 2019, Vice-Mayor Hill will begin with discussions about the City’s Development Services and then transition to discussions about Public Safety and Schools in 2020.

“I greatly enjoyed last year’s forums and having the opportunity to meet new people,” stated Vice-Mayor John Hill. “With the recent recognitions about Winchester’s growth and large development projects coming soon, I thought a discussion on planning, zoning and economic development would be timely for the 2019 meetings.”

CouncilorHerbstritt’s first communitymeeting in May will be an openforum and she expectsto schedule more meetings in the future.

“I’m a big proponent of face-to-face interactions and two-way conversations in local government,” stated Councilor Kim Herbstritt. “I’m excited about the opportunity to have meaningful discussions about Winchester with local residents and finding ways we can work together to continue moving Winchester forward.”





Special Guests

Saturday, May 25

10 am-noon

Kim Herbstritt

Jim Barnett Park Rec Center, Lord Fairfax Room

Any topic


Saturday, June 8


10 am-noon

John Hill

St. Paul AME Church,

428 N. Loudoun Street

Redevelopment Projects in the city

Shawn HershbergerDevelopment Services Director

Saturday, August 10

10 am-noon

John Hill

Mt. Carmel Baptist,

1217 S. Pleasant Valley Road

Winchester Zoning/Inspections, Virginia Code

Aaron Grisdale

Zoning Administrator

Saturday, November 2

10 am-noon

John Hill

Shiloh Baptist Church,

522 N. Kent Street

Planning and Comprehensive Plan

Timothy Youmans

Planning Director

Saturday, February 1, 2020

10 am-noon

John Hill

St. Stephens CME,

202 Maple Street

Winchester Police and Public Schools

John Piper,Police Chiefand Allyson Pate,Winchester School BoardRepresentative

Local residents are encouraged to submit questions in advance or suggest future topic ideas online


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