Nurses Get High After Elderly Man Brings In THC Cake For Grandson

An elderly man who was a relative of a patient at a hospital wanted to say thank you to the hospital staff for the job they were doing so decided to bring them in a really nice cake to show his gratitude.

The only problem was he took the cake that was made for his grandson's 18th birthday party. The man had no idea that this red velvet cake was laced with THC. 

The nurses who ate the cake were reportedly left feeling 'relaxed' afterward and authorities were contacted. It was reported that about three or four nurses had consumed the cake and were affected but that at no time were any patients in danger while these nurses were on shift.

The police say that it was just an unfortunate situation in which none of the parties knew what was in the cake so they simply confiscated the cake and no charges were brought. 

Source: Manchester News

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