Woman Finds Her Missing Husband In Tik-Tok Video

Social media is changing the world. It's almost impossible to try and just disappear these days without someone recognizing you. 

A woman in India, for instance, has just been reunited with her husband, who was missing for three years, after he was recognized in a TikTok video.

The woman had last seen her husband Suresh in 2016 and simply presumed he was ‘missing’ ever since. She searched for him and even filed a complaint with the local police department for what she says was a lack of effort in locating him. 

Well, all that changed after a friend of the woman spotted what looked like her husband in a video on the social video sharing app TikTok. The app is hugely popular in India. 

The woman immediately recognized the man as her husband and went to the police so they could help track him down using the new video. The police found the man and asked what had happened. He told them that he had abandoned his family because he felt there were issues at home he could not solve and decided to flee. He ended up forging a relationship with a trans woman that was also seen on the video with him.

When police asked if he wanted to return to his wife and family, he agreed. The couple has decided to reconcile and stay together, despite the circumstances.

Source: BBC

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