The VW Beetle Ends Production Today

Future generations of kids won’t get to learn the joy of “punch buggy” now.

The last-ever Volkswagen Beetle rolls off the assembly line in Mexico today. The iconic Beetle is retiring after more than 70 years of production with a ceremony at the factory marking the moment. The facility will be retooled to create a new compact SUV for the North American market.

The company stopped producing the original version of the Beetle in 2003. The automaker created two more generations of the bug in 1998 and 2012. The last Beetle that rolls off the line will be on display at a Volkswagen museum in Puebla, Mexico.

Advertising campaigns got cheeky when “underselling” the car in the early 70s. Slogans included "Live below your means" and "It's ugly, but it gets you there."


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