Guy Stops To Take Selfie While Running With Bulls, Gets Gored

Not really sure what would possess someone to take off running down the street with the possibility of getting run over by a 1.5-ton animal. I'm really blown away with the idea that someone would actually stop to take a selfie while running from that 1.5-ton animal. That's what a man from San Fransico did during his first running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

As you can probably imagine, taking a selfie during this event is probably not the best decision one can make. The man, Jaime Alvarez, learned this the hard way after he was not only run over by a bull while trying to take the selfie but he was also gored in the neck.

Doctors were amazed that he was able to survive because of how deep the bull's horn went into his neck. It fractured his cheekbone but fortunately, it didn't hit any main arteries. 

His urgent surgery took 2 ½ hours but Alvarez says his stable condition means he could be discharged soon and that he has promised himself a return to Pamplona to enjoy the festival as a spectator but not a bull racer.

The smartest decision he's made yet.

Source: KTVU

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