Instagram Model Is Selling Her Bath Water For $30

A social media cosplay star and gamer is causing an uproar online after she decided to bottle and sell her very own bathwater. 

Meet Belle Delphine, who is known for her racy, anime-inspired Instagram posts. Her fans are pretty fanatical and have often commented about how they would love to get closer to her. They even suggested they would drink her bathwater if given the chance. Well, last week she decided to give them what they wanted. She began scooping up cups of water from a tub she was sitting in and announced that the water would be for sale on her newly launched online store.

The bathwater was on sale for $30 but it appears you may just have to wait for her to take a bath again. It actually had demand behind it and after a few days, it was listed as sold out on her merch site.

She took to Instagram to say” So my bath water SOLD OUT wtf.... i will be making some more soon but its been honestly a weird couple of days taking SO many baths LMAO i didnt [sic] expect this many people to be so interested, but if you wanted one...they will be back soon!”

Can't wait.

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