Woman Wants To Set Record By Collecting One Million Used Lottery Tickets

The United States Women's Soccer Team has motivated a lot of people with their victory this past week. So much so that a North Carolina woman said her quest to set a Guinness World Record for collecting losing lottery tickets was back on track. Sue Harrington said she began her quest in June when the women's team was working their way to the top of the soccer tournament. Sue is a disabled vet and knew that anything sports-related was not going to happen for her so she checked out the category of "Lottery." She opted to choose a new category for the organization by collecting 1 million losing lottery tickets. She was able to collect more than 1,700 tickets in just two weeks, but she is hoping to speed up the process with the help of the public. She's hoping people will send her their losing tickets. Harrington said each ticket represents someone's dreams. Her dream is to start up a foundation to help veterans and help other people start businesses. Hopefully, she reaches her goals and her dreams. 


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