Elderly Man Fights Off Alligator That Attacked His Daughters Dog

An elderly Florida man wasn't about to let an alligator ruin his day. He fought off a big alligator after it came out of a pond behind his home and grabbed his daughter’s golden retriever. Buddy Ackerman said Osi, the golden retriever, was in the middle of doing his business when the 7-foot, 7-inch gator grabbed onto his backside.Buddy proceeded to grab the dog and have a tug of war with the gator. He ended up kicking the gator twice in the snout and that did the trick as it let go of Osi. Buddy had been watching the dog while his daughter was on vacation. His daughter said, “My father is our hero! Osi and I are so very grateful that nobody was hurt." Trappers came out the following day and recovered the alligator. Buddy was thankful that Osi was a golden retriever and not a bite-sized little dog. His daughter said Osi was later taken to read the signs, warning of alligators in the water, to make sure he understands them.


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