“Property Brothers” Brother Reveals Mystery Illness

J.D. Scott of “Property Brothers At Home” has revealed that he’s been grappling with a mysterious illness for over a year now. The older brother of Drew and Jonathan has taken to Instagramto open up about his experience.

Scott says he’s gotten multiple MRIs, tests, meetings with neurosurgeons and more doctors after suffering a variety of symptoms, like extreme sensitivity to the heat that had him in bed for days. At first, doctors thought he had “an autoimmune disease like Lupus,” and after “months and months” they even considered that he “had two brain aneurysms.”

His doctors have gone back and forth about what it could be, and he’s since made changes to his lifestyle and diet to make life a little easier. Scott may not be “cured,” but he’s on his way, and he’s urging fans to “try every avenue” if they question their own health.Check out the video here.

Source: J.D. Scott

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