This Weekend Cinnabon Is Giving Out Free BonBites!

There's nothing better than free food!

This weekend, Cinnabon is giving out a free sleeve of BonBites!

All you have to do is show up to your local Cinnabon Saturday, July 20th and enjoy your sweet cinnamon treats.

According to the Cheif Marketing Officer Karyn Sarago she stated"We know that small moments of human connection—from a smile to a hand squeeze to a conversation—positively impacts people in a huge way. We want to encourage more of these bite-size moments of bliss among our fans by treating them with our own bite-size treat, BonBites, because Life Needs Frosting."

We couldn't agree more!

Life does need frosting!

If you haven't had these before, they taste just like the traditional version, just mini!

The deal will begin at 12 pm and will run until 6 pm.

Yum! Sounds like a pretty SWEET deal to me!

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