7 YO Boy Gets 526 Teeth Removed From His Mouth

Nobody likes going to the dentist for fear of what they may find.Well, one seven-year-old boy went and found out that he had a few extra teeth hidden away. The boy had a swollen right cheek and what the dentist found was that tucked away in his lower jaw were 526 hidden teeth that had to be removed surgically. The abnormal teeth were embedded in his jaw bone and could not be seen from outside his mouth. They ended up removing all the extra teeth and left him with the 21 normal teeth he had. The doctors couldn't find a reason as to why he had so many extra teeth hidden away like that but pointed to possible radiation exposure or some sort of genetic defect. The previous record for teeth being removed was 232 back in 2017 from a boy in Mumbai. They say everything else is just fine and he should now worry about not getting any cavities as he gets older. 

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