Lady Traumatized After Being Trapped In Tipped Over Porta-Potty

Not sure there is anything worse than this experience but you have to feel for Cecilia Mwalyoga, who was left feeling disgusted and humiliated after what was supposed to be a memorable event with her boyfriend’s family visiting from Germany.

Mwalyoga, her boyfriend Stefan Schulze Kalthoff and their five-week-old daughter took his parents to the Wings Over Springbank Airshow last Saturday. Turns out the winds were so bad that they ended up canceling the event altogether. 

However, before they left, Cecilia had to make a pit stop at the portable toilets.

That's when things went terribly wrong. As she was attempting to sit down on the toilet, the entire porta-potty got tipped over because of the wind. 

“I felt the wind move it a little bit. As soon as I was trying to sit, the whole thing just went on my back and the door facing downwards and I could feel all the water and everything falling on me. It was gross,” Mwalyoga recalled.

To make matter worse, there were five porta-potties that had actually tipped over in the wind so her family couldn't find the one she was in right away. Her boyfriend and his father scrambled to find her and then hoist it up enough for Mwalyoga to crawl out.

“I was a mess. My hair had some toilet paper in it and I had blue water, pee water. I saw some needles there. It was gross,” she added. 

She would like to caution people about using porta-potties during really windy days since they aren't really anchored down to anything. 

She claims to still have nightmares about the situation. 

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