Granger Smith & Family Move From House Where Son Died

As we previously told you, Granger Smith’s three-year-old son River died in a drowning accident at the family’s home earlier this summer and now the singer reveals that it was just too painful for the family to stay in the house, so they have moved.

In a video to the family’s YouTube channel, Granger says it was a tough decision because he and wife Amber always thought they’d stay in the house forever, but after River’s accident they just couldn’t be there anymore.

"There was thousands of good memories, and one really bad one," Granger shares. "My number one priority is the well-being of the other two kids. And I don't think I was totally myself at the old house. Amber probably wasn't, either."

He says after the family prayed on it, “I felt very compelled to make this move.”Check out the Granger video to the right.

Source: Granger Smith

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