How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

We all want more bang for our buck at the grocery store and you need to be armed with info to make that happen.

Coupons are a well known hack, but what about the best days to shop for deals? That would be Wednesday, but if you can’t shop mid-week, try Saturday.

“Today” rounded up some store specific hacks for you to save the most money. Give these a try:

  • Whole Foods gives you a 10-percent discount for buying a whole case of an item.
  • You save more at Costco by being an active member.
  • Take advantage of 10 for 10 sales. Kroger gives you the $1 price no matter how many you buy.
  • Buying private label brands saves you money. Trader Joe’s is a great place to do that, as is Aldi.
  • Target gives you more savings with it’s Cartwheel app.
  • Walmart uses a coupon overage towards the rest of your grocery bill.


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