The Official ‘Last Christmas’ Trailer

The holiday season is approaching faster than you may realize, especially now that pumpkin spice flavored treats are rolling out and Christmas movie trailers have arrived. The newest one is is romantic comedy from Bridesmaids director, Paul Feig, called Last Christmas starring Emilia Clark and Henry Golding.

Clark plays a character named Kate who is a cynical Londoner working as an elf in Yuletide Wonderful, a year-round Christmas store. While being pooped on by a bird, she encounters Golding's Tom and the sparks start flying. Thanks to the Tom's help, Kate starts to discover Christmas spirit again.

Emma Thompson wrote the script with Bryony Kimmings and Thompson actually plays Kate's mother in the movie. Some of the other cast members include Michelle Yeoh and Patti LuPone.

The holiday movie will be in theaters starting November 8th and will feature music from George Michael and premiere some of the singer's unreleased material.

Director Feig shared with Entertainment Weekly that the film was inspired by Michael and while he was still alive, Thompson started to write the script. Part of the movie's plot line has to do with homelessness and those involved with the film worked with the singer's estate after his passing in 2016 on Christmas Day.

Feig said that “We have a whole story line in our movie about a homeless shelter, and [we consulted] with a lot of homeless charities to make sure we were portraying it correctly. The great sadness is that he’s not here to be a part of this. But he knew it was going to happen, and that gives me such joy. We feel like he’s here with us.”

Watch the trailer below!

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