Man Parked His Car Inside Grocery Store By The Shopping Carts

Disgruntled employees at a supermarket in Argentina got their revenge over the weekend on a driver who parked in the wrong spot.

Facebook photos of the prank have gone viral and helped set the scene at the Coto supermarket in Temperley, a neighborhood in greater Buenos Aires. 

A driver had simply decided to park their grey Peugeot 208 in a spot where the shopping carts usually go. That's correct, a customer just pulled his car smack bang in the middle of the shopping trolley bay. In apparent retaliation, employees played a prank and surrounded the vehicle with dozens and dozens of shopping carts, thus boxing the car in. 

“The truth is someone has to be a moron to have parked in the section for ‘shopping charts’,” said the person who posted the pictures in a Facebook post. “You can’t be such an SOB and leave it anywhere. You can tell that no one respects nothing much less an undue place.”

 The person added, “Applause for the employees who left him locked up the car." The feeling seems to be mutual on Facebook. See the pictures below.

Source: WSVN

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