Here’s why some people are just really good at parking

While plenty of people would prefer to drive every where than take public transportation, many live to regret that decision when it comes time to find a parking spot. Everyone has a different approach to how they look for a parking space and a new study reveals which drivers are doing it right.

According to a study published in the “Journal of Statistical Mechanics” there are three types of parkers in this world.They include:

  • Themeek”– who don’t like to waste time looking for parking and will take the first available spot, regardless of how far away it is.
  • The “optimistic”–they will cruise around and around simply to find the ideal spot, regardless of how long it takes.
  • The “prudent”–they won’t take the first available spot, but also won’t waste too long of a time cruising for an ideal one. 

So, which parkers are doing it right? Well, researchers say the prudent drivers are the best because they will spend the least time looking for a spot, with optimistic drivers the second best, with the study noting that meek drivers are “inefficient” compared to the other two.

Source:New York Post

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