Man Proposed to His Girlfriend Underwater And Drowned

These days it's not just good enough to propose to someone anymore. You have to make it a giant spectacle for the whole world to see and like on social media. People should go back to being a bit old fashioned with their proposals.  

So a guy named Steven Weber took his girlfriend Kenesha Antoine on vacation in Tanzania last week. They had booked a really cool hotel room where the bedroom is actually submerged underwater and lets you look at the windows into the ocean. 

Steven had planned to propose to his girlfriend and decided to swim outside the room's underwater window and hold up a sign asking for her hand in marriage. 

However, after the proposal, he never resurfaced. Apparently he was underwater too long and something went wrong and he drowned. 

Now the local authorities and the U.S. State Department are investigating what happened.

Source: CNN

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