Texas Couple In Trouble For Involving A Hippo In Their Gender Reveal Party

We have ourselves maybe the worst gender reveal party idea in the history of these parties. 

A Texas couple is catching much heat after they thought it would be a great idea to enlist the services of a hippo during their future child’s gender reveal party.  

Jonathan and Bridgette Joseph went viral after they threw a gender reveal party at the Capital of Texas Zoo in Cedar Creek. They posted footage from the party and is showed the future dad tossing a watermelon into the mouth of a Nile hippo named Tank. 

As Tank chomped on the treat, blue Jell-O exploded from the watermelon, indicating the couple was having a boy.

While the couple celebrated, people on social media weren't nearly as impressed. 

It should be noted that officials at the zoo say that Tank loved the celebration.

Source: New York Post

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