Dwarf Poses as a 9 Year Old to get Adopted by Indiana Couple

Do you remember that movie Orphan from 2009? Because this story has a lot of eerie similarities.

Back in May of 2010, an Indiana couple agreed to an emergency adoption of a six-year-old girl from Ukraine named Natalia.

After three years the couple moved to Canada, and they inexplicably left Natalia behind.

The authorities tracked down the foster parents and arrested them for neglect of a dependent.

The couple claims she was a sociopath who tried to poison coffee, and push people into an electric fence, and even attacked a baby.

The couple say they're not sure why they were arrested, since they went to court to argue to legally change the girl's age a few years ago. Witnesses even testified that their daughter was really an adult.

Natalia was a patient at a psychiatric treatment facility, but a few years back, she left. Now, no one knows where she is.

Based on the below picture of Natalia, it's understandable how the foster parents could be fooled into thinking she was so young.

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