Legos Is Planning to Release a Sesame Street Set

Fans have spoken and thanks to them, a new Lego set is coming. “Sesame Street” is finally getting the Lego treatment after the set idea got about 10,000 votes at Lego Ideas. It’s an online community where fans submit designs and if they get enough support, the company turns them into real sets. And it only makes sense that one of the most beloved TV shows of all time would score the votes.

The “Sesame Street” Lego set is the brainchild of Ivan Guerrero, an amateur designer from the Philippines. His vision includes all the places we know and love from the show, like the iconic stoop, and the street sign that doubles as the logo for the show. The apartment building also swings open to reveal detailed rooms inside, including Bert and Ernie’s apartment, Big Bird’s nest and Gordon and Susan’s apartment. And all our favorite characters from over the years like Oscar, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Count von Count and of course,Elmo.

Lego Ideas announced the news in a Facebook livestream, but they haven’t shared when we’ll be seeing the toys in stores. If they made it by the holidays, there will be a lot of happy fans out there.



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