Bride Has Her Four Grandmothers As Flower Girls In Her Wedding

This is so sweet! Lyndsey Raby got upstaged at her wedding but it was worth it! Here's why!

Her flower girls at her wedding were her grandmothers! How sweet is this?! Wanda Grant, 76, Betty Brown 72, Kathleen Brown,90 and Joyce Raby, 72.

Raby said she was so lucky to have her grandmother's as part of her special day. She stated “A lot of women don’t get one grandparent at their wedding and I was blessed to have all of them.”

The lovely ladies were dressed in matching pale blue dresses. She even explained how family is the most important thing to all of them and now all the grandma's are besties!

Lyndsey said that she wasn't expecting the level of sass her grandmother's brought to the wedding. It shows that age is truly just a number.

How adorable is this?!

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