Man saves nail clippings, turns them into an engagement ring

Strange but true! A guy in Japan spent a whole year collecting his nail clippings to transform into a “precious stone” ring.

The South China Morning Post revealed that a Japanese man, who makes videos on YouTube under the name Kiwami Japan, gathered his fingernail clippings for 365 days and shot the procedure of them being transformed into a bit of adornment.

When he had collected an adequate amount of clippings, the man began by placing them into a blender. However, this didn’t give the ideal consistency, so he at that point ground them into an extremely fine powder, before blending in with water in a pan.

The fourth step saw him pack the nail powder and water blend and put it into an oven for an hour and a half. What left the oven must be depicted as resembling a piece of dull clay. The man took the blend and put it into a precious stone formed shape before embedding it into a silver ring – which he also made himself.

Posted to SCMP's site, the video has been viewed over 189,000 times

At the point when all was done, the completed item was a ring with a dark stone, which fortunately looked not at all like fingernails.

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