Food News: You Can Now Purchase McDonald's Big Mac Sauce

Now you can finally go to McDonald's with some relief knowing you don't have to ask for extra Big Mac Sauce.

The burger chain just released bottles of their Big Mac secret sauce at select locations. They've done this once before but this time around, it's for a good cause.

Last time they had this promotion, people went wild for it! Some paid hundreds of dollars for one special edition bottle on eBay. This year, McDonald's will be releasing 144,000 bottles of their sauce in locations all around Australia.

All of the proceeds from the sauce will benefit The Ronald McDonald House. As of right now, this promotion is only available in Australia but hopefully it will come our way soon.

The reason it's so hard to match this secret sauce is because on the bottle, it doesn't provide what quantity of each ingredient is used. So it makes it pretty much impossible to re-create the condiment fans know and love!

If you check online, there are different versions of this sauce, it's not Big Mac sauce but it comes close!

Have you ever tried making your own before?

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