Bride-To-Be Ruins Brother-In-Law’s Proposal To Keep Spotlight On Her

We get that a bride and groom don’t want to be upstaged at their wedding, but that’s just one day. But apparently one couple felt the spotlight should be on them for a bit longer than that and did a horrible thing to make sure it happened.

A man recently shared on Reddit that he was planning to propose on New Year’s Eve because it was the two-year anniversary of when he met his girlfriend. And while that’s a completely romantic story, apparently his brother didn’t think so.

See, his brother and his fiancée were planning to tie the knot on December 21st and felt that the proposal was just a little too close to their big day and would steal their thunder. The brother and his fiancée begged the guy to hold off on the proposal, even though the brother said the day was very special to him and his girlfriend, and he even offered to hold off announcing the engagement.

After a lot of back and forth, including the groom telling the brother that the bride is pregnant and they hoped to announce the baby on New Year’s Eve, the bride did the unthinkable and told the brother’s girlfriend of his plan to propose. He notes, “I've never had a problem with sister-in-law before this, but I do now.”

As you can imagine, most people on Reddit were on the man’s side.

  • “Why do people think that no one around them gets to have anything special happen in the month(s) surrounding their wedding?,” while another added, “That is... insane. If that had been me, I'm a petty enough person that I'd ruin every announcement or surprise my brother and his wife had planned for the rest of their lives.”
  • Others urged the man to not let the sister-in-law’s actions ruin his plans, and to propose just has he had planned. As one person noted, “It's still a date that is special to you and your girlfriend. Announce it to the world when you do.”

Source:Fox News


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