The Biggest Product Failures Of The Past Decade

There have been a lot of great products that happened in the past decade, especially the introduction of some things we can’t live without, but not everything has been successful.

Buzzfeed is looking back on the biggest product fails that made a big impact in the last ten years, and you’ll probably be wondering either why they didn’t work, or why anybody thought they would in the first place.

The biggest product failures of the past decade include:

  • Theranos– This blood-testing product claimed it would revolutionize medicine, and could run all sorts of tests with just a tiny bit of blood, but it all turned out to be a lie, with founder Elizabeth Holmes eventually indicted for fraud and conspiracy.
  • WeWork– The shared workspace was super popular for most of the decade, before finally collapsing this year.
  • Juicero– A $700 Internet-connected juicer that required produce packs sold through a subscription, but it was soon discovered you could do the same job squeezing fruit by hand.
  • Apple Air Power– It was supposed to be introduced in 2018, and was a charging mat that was supposed to power an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously without cables, but it never came out and by 2019 it was totally canceled.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7– While the phones were well-reviewed, it took a hit when they started catching on fire.
  • Coolest Cooler- It was supposed to be a $185 “portable party,” with a blender, wireless speakers, USB charger and more, but while it had the second-highest grossing Kickstarter, it never came to fruition.
  • Facebook– Yeah, people still use it, but it’s been highly criticized over the years for selling personal data, disseminating fake news and more.
  • Movie Pass– Subscribers were promised the ability to see a movie a day for just $9.95, but it turned out to be too good to be true, with the service shutting down for good in September. 

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