Squirrel Ransacks Home And Insurance Company Rejects Claim

In case you didn’t know it, squirrels are rodents. That’s important to know when you have homeowner’s insurance.

Kari and Dustin Drees bought a house in an upscale Atlanta neighborhood and a week later took a trip to see family. That’s where the rodent comes in. Apparently, a squirrel came into the home from their chimney and, not finding a way out, scratched up the floors, walls, and molding trying to escape.

It eventually gave up and built a nest in the couple’s sofa. Kari says they came home to a trashed house, but thought “That’s why you have homeowner’s insurance.” They filed a claim and it was rejected because of a rodent clause. The couple was told if a raccoon destroyed the house, the damages would have been covered.

As a gesture of good will, the insurance company is offering to cover the cost of a place for the Drees’ to stay while the home is repaired.


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