Jars Of Human Tongues Are Found Under A Florida House

A home inspector’s find of a collection of human tongues sent police in a panic, but now it’s being explained.

It turns out a forgetful, former University of Florida professor says jars of human tongues found under his old house were research specimens. The home was being inspected for repair work and the jars were found in a crawl space. Naturally, the cops were called.

The professor, Ronald Baughman explains that the six jars of tongues found under his old Gainesville home recently were part of his research into thyroid problems. He worked at the school's college of dentistry from 1971 to 2002 and collected the specimens from Virginia, Illinois and Indiana before working at UF.

Baughman says the tongues were put in the crawlspace for preservation and forgotten. Police said their investigation, which started after an inspection of the home's foundation, hasn't turned up anything criminal.

Police say they should be used to this kind of thing. There are so many research universities around that body parts and animal parts are commonly found.

Source:First Coast News

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