Do You Miss the Office? One Website Will Simulate Office Noise for You

Something you thought you would never miss. The sounds of the office. Sounds of telephones ringing, coworkers chattering, the water cooler bubbling, the elevator dinging. If you are now working from home and find the atmosphere too quiet you’re not alone.

Berlin-based creative agency Kids’ has created a new tool. Aptly called I Miss The Office,” the site generates office noises such as the squeaking of an armchair or someone humming nearby, replicating the “soothing tones of modern office life.”

The site also lets you add more sounds by clicking on the objects on the page, and even lets you decide how many coworkers you’ll have around. The more employees there are, the noisier it gets.

While "I Miss The Office" could never replace the presence of our dear colleagues, it could provide a healthy distraction from the loneliness of quarantine life.

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Source:Apartment Therapy

Photo: Getty Images

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