Parents Think They Already Know What Their Kids Will Be When They Grow Up

According to a recent study by OnePoll for the Osmo toy company, parents don’t have the same dreams for their children as previous generations. As in, three in five (59%) don’t want to see their kid end up in an office all day – and three in four parents say they already know what their child will be when they grow up.

Researchers say 35% see their kids headed for a STEM profession while 28% see their kids as chefs in the making in the food industry. Most importantly four in five parents want to “future-proof” their kids so they have the necessary skills to be successful as adults.

And three in four parents? They’re hoping their kid will “hit it big” to take care of them in the older years. Among the top “future-proofing” methods parents are using: encouraging children to pursue learning about topics they’re already passionate about (67%) and subtly squeezing a bit of learning in through educational shows and games (53%). Plus, 74% of parents confessed to encouraging their children in areas that parents felt incompetent in – like STEM – so their kids’ skills are more well-rounded.

Parents’ Guesses At Children’s Future Career Interests

  • STEM: 35%
  • Healthcare and wellness: 32%
  • Food: 28%
  • Construction: 23%
  • Environment: 23%
  • Creative art and fashion: 23%
  • Agriculture: 23%
  • Sport: 21%
  • Education: 21%
  • Accounting: 20%
  • Media and publishing: 19%
  • Business and sales: 19%
  • Government and law: 18%
  • Tourism: 14%

Link: SWNS via New York Post

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