Students Scammed Into Kidnapping Themselves

If someone tells you to get a hotel room, tie yourself up, and fake your own kidnapping, don't fall for it.  Police are warning Chinese students not to fall for a scam that ends with people tying themselves up in a hotel room and sending photos of it to their family in return for a ransom.  Police in Australia are dealing with a surge of "virtual kidnapping" cases.  Police say they have this year logged eight such incidents that have netted the scam artists $2.3 million. They call the victims pretending to be a local Chinese official to warn they have been implicated in a crime in China and must pay a fee to avoid legal action, arrest, or deportation. Some scammers tell victims to sever contact with family and friends, rent a hotel room and take pictures or video recordings of themselves bound and blindfolded, and then send the images to their relatives overseas.

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