Woman Wonders What To Do About “Creepy” Seven-Year-Old Niece

All children are different, but one woman is not quite sure how to handle her seven-year-old niece, who she says is going through a “creepy” phase. The woman writes into Slate that she’s currently watching her two nieces for a week, and the younger one is acting a bit strange. She’s been burying her toys to try and “raise them from the dead,” asking her how she’d prefer to die, and even said the devil was her “friend.” The woman is wondering how she should respond, and the writer at Slate suggests she not ignore it, but also not make that big a deal about it, because the girl may just be fascinated by the creepy because people are afraid of it. The writer notes that the aunt should set boundaries, but also be on the lookout for any red flags that the child may want to do herself or others harm.

Source: Slate

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