Hidden Cash Rains Down On Firefighters Battling House Blaze

Firefighters in Brooklyn, New York got a big surprise while battling a house fire this week.

About one million dollars in bundled cash fell down on them after they cut a ceiling open to fight the fire. The blaze was at a three story brick row home and apparently, the cash was proceeds from the life insurance policy of a resident’s dead husband’s life insurance policy.

A source described the unusual incident saying, “It was a ton of cash. It just fell right out of the ceiling, pretty cool. It was in bundles. It wasn’t like in one solid brick. It just kept falling out.”

One neighbor has their doubts about the source of the hidden treasure. “She was a seamstress, and he was a cook in a restaurant. I don’t see it coming from either of them.”

They NYPD is holding the money for now, until they can voucher it.

Source:New York Post

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