Folks Step Up To Stop Moving Vehicle After Driver Has Medical Episode

traffic lights in Florida

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A group of good Samaritans stop a moving car after the driver suffers a medical emergency. On May 5th, an unnamed woman suffered a medical episode while driving and her car slowly rolled out into the middle of a busy intersection in Boynton Beach, Florida. Her coworker was two lanes over and noticed her slumped over the steering wheel, so she got out of her car and ran over to try to help.

The coworker couldn’t stop the vehicle from rolling into the intersection, but she waved off other cars and banged on the car’s window to try and revive the woman. Several nearby drivers got out of their vehicles to assist and together they were able to stop the vehicle before it rolled into any other cars. One person brought over a small dumbbell, which another good Samaritan used to break the window of the car and then unlocked the doors.

The good Samaritans were able to safely get the woman and her car out of the roadway and into a nearby gas station parking lot where EMTs soon responded to help the woman. Boynton Beach Police shared a video of the incident in the hopes that someone would recognize the helpful motorists. They hope to reunite them and recognize them for their good deeds.

Source: WPBF

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