Video Shows Topless Mom In Her Undies Rescues Pet Goose From Bald Eagle

Greylag goose with chicks

Photo: Getty Images

A Canadian woman proved that mothers are real-life superheroes after incredibly rescuing her pet goose from a bald eagle — while breastfeeding her baby. A video of her miraculous save currently boasts 7.1 million views on TikTok. “I mean it’s definitely not something you see every day,” Cait Oakley, told Canada’s Chek News of the brave act, which occurred Wednesday evening while the North Saanich resident was at home with her four-month-old daughter. Per the clip’s caption, the stay-at-home mother of three had “lost three chickens in the last week.” The dramatic clip, shot by the family’s home security system, begins with Frankie honking hysterically while at the front door of a house. All of a sudden, a bald eagle dive bombs the hapless featherbag and proceeds to fly off with it while Oakley yells “Hey!” repeatedly in the background.

Link: New York Post

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